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What to do if QuickTime takes over handling Flash content

When you install QuickTime, or change your QuickTime settings, it may take over handling of Flash files. However, this can be fixed quite easily. To stop QuickTime from handling Flash files, do the following:

  1. Close Mozilla (or Firefox)
  2. Open the QuickTime Control Panel
  3. Select "Browser Plug-in" from the dropdown menu
  4. Open up the MIME Settings dialog
  5. Make sure "Flash file" is not selected. This is listed under Miscellaneous.
  6. Click OK, and close the QuickTime Control Panel
  7. Remove the file pluginreg.dat from your Profile Folder. This file will be recreated next time you start Mozilla
  8. Remove npqt*.dll from your Mozilla or Firefox plugins folder. These files are not required, and can cause problems when QuickTime is upgraded

After doing this, you may need to reinstall Flash Player. These instructions should be the same for both Windows and MacOS X, with the exception of the last step.

Installing Flash Player

How do I install Flash Player on Windows?

On Microsoft Windows, download the Flash Player Installer, and install it.

How do I install Flash Player on Linux?

On Linux, download Flash Player 10. Once downloaded, copy to your plugins directory.

x86_64 users: An alpha release of Flash Player 10 is now available for x86_64 systems. See these installation instructions.

How do I install Flash Player on MacOS?

On MacOS, download and run the Flash Player Installer.

Download: [MacOS 9.x] [MacOS X]

How do I install Flash Player on Solaris?

Flash Player 9 is now available for Solaris on both Sparc and x86. To install it, copy to your plugins directory.

Download: [Solaris (Sparc)] [Solaris (x86)]

How do I install Flash Player on OS/2 Warp?

OS/2 users are advised to use the OS/2 port of Gnash.

General Issues

I've installed Shockwave Player. Does this include support for Flash?

No, Shockwave Player does not include Flash support. You will need to install Flash Player seperately.

Keyboard shortcuts can not be used when Flash Player is loaded (full page)

This is a known problem with all plugins, not just Flash Player. There are several bugs filed on this issue. [Bug List]

I do not have Flash Player installed. How can I stop Mozilla from asking to download it?

To stop Mozilla from asking to download Flash Player if it is not installed, you will have to delete the Default Plugin, which is located in your browser's plugins directory. This file is named npnul32.dll on Windows, and on Unix-based systems (Linux, Solaris and others). On other operating systems, you can check the file name using about:plugins.

How do I selectively filter out Flash content?

You can use Adblock Plus or NoScript for this purpose.

Windows Issues

Can I use Flash Player for Internet Explorer with Mozilla?

No. Flash Player for Internet Explorer is an ActiveX control, which is not supported by Mozilla.

How do I uninstall Flash Player?

To uninstall Flash Player, you can use the Flash Player Uninstaller, or delete npswf32.dll and flashplayer.xpt by hand.

I didn't install Flash Player for Mozilla, so why is it using it?

Mozilla's plugin scanning is locating another copy of Flash Player, using the Netscape 4.x plugin scan. To disable this, open \default\pref\winprefs.js, and uncomment the following line by removing the //.

//pref("plugin.scan.4xPluginFolder", false);

Note that this will prevent any plugins from being detected using the Netscape 4.x plugin scan, not just Flash Player. More information about plugin scanning.

Note: In recent Mozilla builds, you will need to edit \greprefs\all.js instead of \default\pref\winprefs.js.

Macintosh Issues

Can I use Flash Player for Internet Explorer with Mozilla?

Yes. Mozilla and Internet Explorer for Macintosh both support and use Netscape plugins.

Support Resources

I have a question that is not answered by this FAQ. Where can I ask it?

If you have a question that is not covered here, please search the MozillaZine forums to see if the problem has been mentioned before. If it hasn't, and the information contained in this FAQ and PluginDoc doesn't help, by all means post to the MozillaZine Forums.

How do I contribute information to this FAQ?

If you wish to contribute information to this FAQ, send an e-mail to Michael Hendy.