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Since I am the main person working on PluginDoc, I get e-mail - and lots of it. The problem is, a lot of this e-mail doesn't need to be sent to me - quite often you'll get an answer more quickly elsewhere.

This page is intended to save you the annoyance of waiting a long time for a reply (if I can manage one at all), and to save me answering the same questions over and over again. Note: This applies to the IM networks and forum private messages too.

I know you personally - does this list apply to me?

Of course not. However, you probably don't want to send mail to this address :-)

You specifically requested that I get hold of you...

Then why are you reading this? :-)

I've got a question about The Lurking Wolfox

Fire away. Flamesuit on and ready ;-)

Why is x not listed on PluginDoc?

PluginDoc is maintained on a voluntary and best effort basis. Quite simply, sometimes I don't get a chance to do it. Feel free to bug me with information though - it is much easier to add stuff if most of the detective work has been done beforehand.

I've got information to submit to PluginDoc

The best thing would be to try to catch me on IRC first. If I'm not there, you're more than welcome to e-mail me about it. No attachments please, unless I already know they're coming.

My Mozilla doesn't work. Do you care?

I may care, but I'm not the right person to ask about it. You're much better off asking at the MozillaZine forums. Due to lack of time, I don't handle questions on the forums, but there are many people who do. Search first though, a lot of questions have already been asked.

I can't install a plugin, should I ask you for help?

No. Please ask questions on the forums - that is what they're there for.

Can you move or delete a MozillaZine forum thread for me?

I no longer moderate (or use) the MozillaZine forums.

What about Whirlpool?

I do not generally take requests for Whirlpool moderation via IM or e-mail. Please use the herring system, or whim an online moderator.

Note: Urgent matters may be looked at if they have already been raised using the herring system, an immediate response is required, and no moderators are available to resolve the issue.

I don't want anything! I've just got a compliment!

This has actually happened too. If you want to try giving me a heart attack like that, you're free to do so ;-)

This page isn't intended to be unfriendly - I'm not going to bite your head off if you do e-mail me about any of the above topics. However, you may not get a response - I don't have the time to answer all e-mail I get. It also makes things easier for both me and you, since you probably won't need to ask your question, and I won't have to answer it :-)

Note about support requests

I currently use SeaMonkey on SuSE Linux 10.x. If you ask me questions about Firefox or Windows, you're wasting both my time and yours.

Contact Info


No attachments without prior arrangement. I read my e-mail over some very very slow internet connections, and attachments are a big problem when I do.

Bitte senden Sie mir keine Anfragen in Deutsch, da ich leider kein Deutsch spreche.






Contacting me personally: #bs on
Support questions: #mozillazine or #firefox

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Hendikins, thelurkingwolfox (Backup)
Note: No voice calls without prior arrangement.
Mac users: I seem to be having problems with IMs between the Linux and Mac versions of Skype. Please use e-mail, iChat, etc.